Webshop as a Service

Cloudshop, a CloudsWork BV company, delivers Promotional Products Webshops to partners and resellers of PF Concept in Europe, PCIM based in Asia and also multinationals all over the globe. We deliver the webshops as a service in many languages, including up-to-date content of over 10.000 promotional products. Please have a further look at this demo shop and feel free to contact us whenever you have any further questions.

On a Magento Community platform

Cloudshop is specialized in creating tailor-made webshops for you business based on Magento, a powerful and unrivaled eCommerce platform.


This are some features we're proud of

We deliver fully operational B2B webshops!
Is your store next?

  • Imprint methods
  • Price calculator
  • Multi-shop
  • Upload logo

Search easily in more then 40.000 products

Demo CloudShop

Magento is designed to empower merchants to rapidly innovate and deliver engaging experiences to customers across all channels and devices. The platform delivers rich, out-of-the-box functionality, great performance and scale, and seamless integrations posibilities to keep you ahead of increasingly complex commerce operations, and growing customer demands.

For specific niche markets we deliver fully operational B2B webshops as a cloud service. An example of this is the Promotional Products webshop / catalog your looking at, that is specifically dedicated to the promotional products B2B market.

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